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Fighting ovarian cancer for 13 + years, Barbara now needs your help for her to take her next step in survival.  She is heading to OU Medical Center for a trial  treatment, but she heeds money to help her with medical and transportation needs.

Please donate to help her win this battle.

If  you would like to help with meals, contact braceletsforbarbara@gmail com and they will send you a link to Barbara's Personal Meal Train.  You can go there and pick a day to take a meal, and see what other meal menus have been sent to Barbara.

Please Help

 Meal Train

If you would like to donate by check, please to to any Arvest Location and donate to Barbara Brown Support Trust  

                You can then contact

and give us your mailing address if you would like a bracelet.

   Team Barbara 

       Thank You 

We are starting to put donation jars in businesses.  If you know of a place we can leave a jar, please contact us at braceletsforbarbara@gmail.comand let us know where we can put a donation jar.  We will manage the jar, we just need to find places that agree to a jar.

Donation Jars